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Why do we support World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

Why do we support World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

In today’s world, the need for sustainability is infiltrating almost every industry. From reusable cups to electric cars to slow fashion. Sure, we still have a long way to go – but businesses are finally being held accountable for their actions. And it’s about time, hey?

At Snoot Style, we saw a gap: sustainability hadn’t hit the dog clothing market. Yep, it was still largely filled with unsustainable, comical costumes that would wind up in landfill as soon as the novelty wore off (need we say, pretty quickly).

And so, it became our mission to provide comfort that’s loved by dogs, style that’s loved by humans and sustainability practices that are loved by the earth.

Today, sustainability is a part of every decision we make at Snoot Style. All of our fabrics are recycled, organic or sustainably sourced. But we still wanted to give something back.

And we didn’t want to do it to offset unsustainable practices (or our own guilty conscience). Rather, we believe that we should be doing everything we can to pave the way toward a greener future.

Which is why we don’t stop at sustainable fabric – we’re committed to donating 10% of our profit to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF).

We are now a Partner in Purpose with WWF and listed in their 2022 Annual Report.

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About the World Wildlife Fund for Nature

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature Home - WWF-Australia is a not-for-profit foundation with an enormous mission: To stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Founded in 1961 by a rare mix of scientists, businesses and government leaders – today it’s the most influential independent conservation organisation in the world. They’re active in over 100 countries with over 5 million supporters worldwide (and more than 500,000 supporters in Australia alone).

They’re working to protect endangered species and habitats and meet the challenges of climate change.

What does WWF do?

The impact of WWF is broad. In Australia, WWF aims to bring a positive change to climate change, threatened species, oceans, food, indigenous culture and more.

Being a country surrounded by stunning coastline, WWF has a huge part to play in sustainable fisheries, resilient marine ecosystems and clean oceans. And the health of our oceans and reefs has flow on effects to marine biodiversity, including sharks, rays, penguins and marine turtles.

WWF also plays an active role in bushfire response, especially after the devastation of the 2019-20 fires. They’re working to restore wildlife and habitats, and uncover ways to future-proof our beautiful country.

What’s more, WWF is dedicated to creating sustainable food systems. Food systems that can feed humanity without depleting the natural environment. They also work alongside entrepreneurs, investors and businesses to promote low carbon solutions.

As you can see, the work that WWF do is widespread and invaluable, and at Snoot Stye we’re incredibly proud to support them.

Giving our dogs a voice

Our dogs never asked to be dressed up and gawked at in ridiculous costumes. And if we could talk to them, we’re fairly certain they would be against any practices that harm our earth. Wouldn’t they want to protect the place they run, jump, splash and play? Depleting our natural resources is a human issue – so let’s not let our dogs be part of it.

Donate to WWF today

There are so many ways to get involved with WWF. You can place a one-off donation or a monthly donation. At Snoot Style, 10% of profit from every sale goes toward WWF.