A cropped in photo of a dog's nose
Dog Nose Facts

Snoot Facts

Interesting facts you may not know about your dog’s nose.
Holidays with dogs
dog friendly holiday

Top Tips for a dog friendly holiday

Many of us wouldn’t think of going on holiday without taking our dog along too. Follow our helpful tips to make sure you all have fun!
Frozen strawberry dog treats
dog treat

How to make frozen strawberry dog treats

These homemade popsicles are quick and easy to make! Just two easy steps and you’ll have a cool and healthy treat to share with your dog.
Beach clean up
Beach clean

Beach Clean Up Day

A great day out for humans and doggies, making a positive impact on our environment and supporting Clean up Australia.
A handful of organic cotton balls.
organic cotton

Why we choose Organic Cotton

While the initial price of organic cotton is more expensive, the long-term advantages on the environment are priceless!
Three dogs wearing check fleece coats at the park.
recycled polyester

As seen in The Herald Sun!

Snoot Style doggies as seen in the Melbourne Herald Sun, the Gold Coast Bulletin and the Townsville Bulletin. Photography by Alex Coppel. 
Why is everyone talking about Floofy Fleece? - Snoot Style
recycled polyester

Why is everyone talking about Floofy Fleece?

Dog owners (and their good boys and girls) needed comfortable, stylish and practical dog apparel that didn’t harm the earth. So that's exactly what we did...
What is recycled polyester? - Snoot Style
recycled polyester

What is recycled polyester?

Polyester gets a bad name. But did you know that not all polyester is created equal? Let’s look at the difference between recycled polyester and plain old polyester.
Why do we support World Wildlife Fund? - Snoot Style

Why do we support World Wildlife Fund for Nature?

We believe in doing everything we can to pave the way toward a sustainable future. Which is why we donate 10% of profit from every sale to World Wildlife Fund.