Why is everyone talking about Floofy Fleece?

Floofy Fleece has set tongues wagging.

Until recently, shopping for high-quality dog apparel was a headache. And the Snoot Style Floofy Fleece range began as a solution to this problem. Dog owners (and their good boys and girls) needed comfortable, stylish and practical dog apparel that didn’t harm the earth.

So that’s exactly what we did.

The Floofy Fleece Dog Coat

Our dogs live a full and active life, and shouldn’t our dog coats reflect that?

But as dedicated dog owners, we churned through countless dog coats that just didn’t last.

We found coats that didn’t fit quite right... Or they fell apart... Or they failed the test of time. On top of that, finding apparel from ethically sourced, recycled or organic fabric? Well, that was almost unheard of.

Our answer was the Floofy Fleece Dog Coat - a perfect combination of comfort, style, functionality and sustainability.

Our favourite dog coat features

The cosy burrito-like fit

Did you know that applying constant, gentle pressure to the sides of your dog’s body can help to relieve anxiety? Our Floofy Fleece Dog Coat is designed to cocoon your dog and promote a feeling of ultimate relaxation. This can help prevent common fears like separation anxiety. Plus, they look irresistibly snuggly. 

Easy to get on and off

Do you frequently do doggy gymnastics when it’s time to get dressed? We’ve experienced this difficulty, too (which is especially painful for older and arthritic dogs). Thankfully, the back zip design of the Floofy Fleece Dog Coat means they can step in and out with ease (no gymnastics required).

Reversible design

The stylish and minimalistic design will turn heads at the dog park. Plus, you get two designs for the price of one. The Floofy Fleece Dog Coat is fully reversible - one coat with two stylish looks.

Our Floofy Fleece Dog Blanket

Does your dog love to snuggle? But have you struggled to find a dog blanket with the right amount of quality and durability?

Our Floofy Fleece Dog Blanket is the perfect combination of comfort, style, functionality and sustainability.

Our favourite dog blanket features

Warm and cosy

This is the perfect blanket to keep your dog warm, cosy and secure in the winter months. Make a comfy spot for them to relax or wrap them up like a cosy cocoon – the choice is yours (actually, theirs).

Style you don’t want to hide

Are your dog blankets often human hand-me-downs? You know - old, tattered looking things to be hidden from sight at the sound of a door knock. Our Floofy Fleece Dog Blanket is not something you’ll want to hide. It adds stylish flair to the couch, human bed or car – plus it helps to protect your furniture from serial shedders.  

Reversible design

You’ll get two blanket designs for the price of one. One blanket – two stylish looks.

A final word

The best thing about our Floofy Fleece range is that all of our dog coats and blankets are made from 100% recycled polyester. Recycled polyester uses 59% less energy, plus it reduces our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials and diverts used plastic from landfills.

What’s more, it’s wrinkle resistant, easy to clean, quick to dry, lightweight and hardwearing. And it’s made to survive even the most unruly, adventurous doggos. We’re still not sure who will love it more – you or your dog.