An Easter Hunt for Dogs.

An Easter Egg Hunt for your Dog.

An Easter Egg Hunt for your dog.

Easter is just around the corner and most of us can look forward to some time off to spend with our dogs. What could be more fun than planning a fun and festive activity for your furry friend. This year, why not organise an Easter egg hunt with a twist? Get ready to create a paw-some experience for your dog with our creative ideas and tips.

Snoot Style Easter Hunt for Dogs.

Dog Friendly Easter Eggs

Don’t forget that chocolate is poisonous to dogs so instead of traditional Easter Eggs, use dog-friendly treats or toys. There are many healthy and safe Easter Dog treats available in pet stores, or you could have fun making your own. Check out these 10 Great Recipes at Pretty Fluffy.  Hide these special treats around your backyard or a nearby park for your pup to find.

Easter Egg Hunt Set-Up

Create a designated area for your Easter Egg hunt, making sure it's safe and secure for your dog. You can even invite some of your dog’s friends to make it a more sociable occasion. Scatter the eggs in various hiding spots, such as under bushes or behind trees. If you are using a local park, make sure you are mindful of others who may also be using it.

Snoot Style Best Quality Fleece Dog Coat.

Dress for the Occasion

Make sure you are prepared for the weather – depending on your location it could be Spring or Autumn. Both can have cool mornings and possible rain. At Snoot Style we have Functional and Stylish Dog Apparel so your dog can embrace any weather. Plus, our Floofy Fleece Blankets make the perfect picnic rugs – big enough for everyone to share.

Let The Fun Begin

Bring your dogs into the Easter Hunt area and start by showing them a hidden treat.  You'll be surprised by how quickly they, and their noses, catch on and start running to find more eggs themselves. You can always lend a helping hand but give them time to figure the game out themselves. These kinds of games keep them active, mentally, and physically.

Easter Hunt for Dogs.

Capture the Moment

Don't forget to capture the fun moments of your Easter Egg Hunt by taking photos or videos. of your dog searching for eggs and enjoying the Easter festivities. And don’t forget to share with us on social media for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

So, this Easter, make memories with your dog that you'll cherish forever. With our creative ideas and tips, you can hold an Easter egg Hunt that you and your furry friend will love. Get ready for a day filled with fun, laughter, and lots of tail-wagging!

Dog Friendly Easter Hunt.