Snoot Style Fleece Dog Coat.

How We Create a Snoot Style Design

How do we bring a Snoot Style design to life?

At Snoot Style we're redefining dog clothing and accessories. After a lifetime in the fashion industry our founder, Katy, bought one too many dog coats that weren’t up to scratch. They’d slip around, fall apart, and wind up next to most novelty dog items – in landfill. So Katy channelled her background in the fashion industry and got to work. She created unique, thoughtful and durable designs that put the dog first.

Step One - Our Unique Designs

Designing a Dog Coat.

The design process starts as an idea, brought to life in a sketch. And this needs to be translated into a pattern. Making a pattern is the technical part of the design process and is quite mathematical. At Snoot Style we use a combination of paper and digital patterns to bring our products to life.

Step Two - Choosing Print and Colours

Selecting Pantone Colours.

We use a graphic designer to create the unique prints we use in or products. And we use a Pantone Book to select our specific colours. Colour is perceived differently by each individual and can also differ by the material on which it is applied. The Pantone Book is essentially a dictionary but for colours with each one being assigned a code number. There are 2,390 colours in our Pantone Book!

Step Three - Creating the Components

Once we have a pattern, a print and all our colour selections we send all of this information to our supplier. They will lab dip small swatches of fabric, threads, zips and any other components of our design so we can make sure they match the colours we have selected. Once this approval process has been signed off the production process can begin. All our fabrics are made uniquely for us to order, and this usually takes around 4 weeks. While this is being done, we are sent a first sample of the product to make sure it fits correctly. 

Step Four - Fitting the Samples

Snoot Style Perfect Fitting Dog Coats.

We know your dogs come in many shapes and sizes - even within the same breed, which is why we spend so much time fitting our samples to make them as perfect as possible. We make sure your dog can move freely and put their comfort as our first priority. The testing process also includes washing every item to make sure they stay the same after they come out of the machine. 

Step 5 - Getting Ready for Launch

Behind the scenes at Snoot Style

While the production process is in full swing, we can use our samples to create our web images. We make sure we photograph each size on a well recognised breed of dog to help you as much with online ordering. Once the photos have been taken, they need to be edited, and uploaded onto our website. 

Step 6 - The Product Launch

The production process takes around 6 months from start to finish. When the product is safely in our warehouse we launch the product online - which includes announcements on our social media and email. And we hope you love it!

So, you can see - bringing a product to life is a fairly long and detailed process. But one which we feel is well worth the attention to detail to make sure we provide the best product possible for you and your dog.